By Bonnie Kissler

During my first vestry retreat, I was asked why I said yes. I said yes because I felt so honored someone wanted me to be on the vestry! I only had a vague idea what I would be doing. Now that I am in my third and final year, I have gained a better understanding of the business side of church. I have had so much fun, laughed and learned so much, and met so many parishioners! Most importantly, being part of vestry has enhanced my spiritual journey immensely; I have never felt closer to God.

I have been in and out of Episcopal churches; I had never pledged until coming to Epiphany. I was contributing to the plate the first few years; however, I finally pledged because I did not realize the importance of pledge dollars to planning the budget for a church year! Not that I thought dollars fell from the sky, but it never occurred to me to think about how we pay the salaries for staff and clergy. What about all the wonderful outreach and parish life activities we do? How do we cover utilities? The list of expenses goes on.

I will not belabor the meaning of stewardship because stewardship means many things! Financial contribution is one of them but time and talent you devote to church life and activities are vital! Prior to vestry, I was engaged with outreach and had a wonderful experience, such as with the Habitat for Humanity Interfaith Build. There are many ways to give back to Epiphany and to serve, monetary or otherwise!

If you have been thinking about pledging for the first time or serving in any capacity but have yet to do so, take the plunge because God will catch you! If you want to be more engaged but don’t know how, talk to one of the vestry members, Benno, or Sharon; we will be delighted to fill you in! I did not say yes right away because I did not want to overextend myself but I am so glad I did! I feel so blessed that God gave me this wonderful gift to be part of vestry. My spiritual life has been so richly rewarded because I said yes!