You Are Invited

Stewardship at Epiphany

You may be wondering just what “You Are Invited” is all about.  And your next thought may be “What, pray tell, does it have to do with stewardship?”  And no, it’s not ‘You are invited to give us your money.”  (We know some of your minds went there.) 

But seriously, your stewardship committee wants to invite you to explore what stewardship means to all of us at Epiphany.  This blog is a place where we hope to encourage that conversation.  We have articles from various Epiphanites (some which you may have read in the Star and other new ones).  Every post has a place for comments and you should feel free to join in the conversations if you would like.  You can reach the articles on our blog page in the navigation bar at the top, and we hope you will take a few minutes to see what other epiphany family members are thinking about being stewards.

In addition to thoughtful conversation, we also want to remind all of us about the activities around us every day that are truly examples of the “stewards” among us.  Every single thing that each of us does in service of Epiphany is an example of our commitment to stewardship.  We have a tendancy to take it for granted, so we thought it might be a good idea to highlight those things.  Each month we will select a particular aspect of Epiphany life and give you bunches of information about all of the things they do.  More is coming on those activities.

So make sure you follow this blog throughout the year.  We are excited about this stewardship journey.

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